Five Favourite Ways to Create a Better Today

Spring has officially arrived: here are five of my favourite ways to create a brighter, better today: feel free to join me or to share them.


  1. Remember it’s never too late to follow your dreams: do something each day, however small, towards fulfilling them.
  2. Kiss procrastination goodbye: ditch the delaying tactics and do it now.
  3. Only watch television programmes you really want to see, and limit the time you spend online: notice how much extra time you gain.
  4. De-clutter your home to make room for more positive, vibrant energy: a bit at a time is fine, it doesn’t all have to be done at once. One item a day = 365 items a year.
  5. Stay in touch with people who matter to you: face to face, on the phone, via social media, by good old fashioned letter/card (or email).

Don’t put it off ’til tomorrow
If you can do it today,
Work out how, then get it done now:
Another task out of the way.

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