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Happy New You RedGoldThumbnail-1“HAPPY NEW YOU”
by Hilary Jane Jones
Published as e-book only   ASIN: B006L3G2GQ
available through Amazon UK  Amazon USA and from Amazon in most other countries.
Traditionally January is the time for making life-changing resolutions …. and February is the time for letting them slip. So why not try a different approach: tackle change a month at a time, give it time to become effective, then see how much easier it is to achieve the life you really desire.

Happy New You is short, sweet, and simple but if you absorb its messages, believe in its possibilities, and trust your own judgement then its effects can be dramatic. I know because I have lived every chapter in changing my own life for the better.


by Hilary Jones and Frank Gilbert
Publisher: London House    ISBN: 1-902809-20-3 
(Now out of print, but used copies are available on Amazon)

Published in 2000, this book provides a thorough introduction to positive thinking and can help you to transform your life. There are chapters on applying positive thinking in relationships, at work (and during unemployment), sport and leisure, retirement, health/illness (co-author Frank Gilbert used positive thinking to help him when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer). The mind is a very powerful tool, and when it is working for you instead of against you, you have one of the most powerful allies in the world. This book can help you to harness the incredible power of your mind and assist you in realising the goals you set yourself.

 Reviews and Reader’s Comments 
“… an invaluable tool for those who want to stop looking at life through a grey fog and those who need a positive pick me up every now and then.”
Deanna Delamotta, Shropshire Star, March 2000

“The book was written at a time when the authors knew that Frank Gilbert was dying, and the humility and integrity of this book is breath-taking. I was emotionally stirred and moved many times as I read it. There are a lot of new ideas and practical steps that can make your life different. It has lots of stories from real life that are significant. The various sections will help you to define ‘you’ and specifically look at self-esteem, goal setting, relationships, work, leisure, health – literally every aspect of your life”.
Ian Scotland, June 2000

“ … I’ve got a few of these type of books, and this is the strongest thing I have ever read. If you want to change your outlook, be less negative, and really start to enjoy your life, if you are unhappy and want a way out of the gloom, please please buy this book, it will help you” (Amazon review)

” …. I enjoyed the book and the way it was written. So nice not to be bossed about by jargon.”
Hilary Boyd, Daily Express, November 2000

“I bought this for a member of my team who was going through a particularly negative patch. During and after reading this book he is a changed person ….. I am so impressed I have ordered a copy for everyone in my team!” (Amazon review)


by Hilary Jones and Frank Gilbert 
Publisher: Pathways    ISBN: 1-85703-463-5
(Now out of print, but used copies are available on Amazon)

Published in 1999, the book is based on the successful training programmes developed and run by the authors over 20 years. It will help you to understand the things that hold you back and how to overcome them, and show you how to harness the incredible powers within you to make things happen.

Reviews and Reader’s Comments:

“Although I have been on the path of self-discovery for several years it is always good to have a little pep-up now and again. There are always new things you can learn and ‘Choosing a Better Life’ is chock-full of positive suggestions and sanity-restoring logic. When you are feeling down, make yourself a nice cup of herbal tea and indulge in this book and the world will seem like a better place.”
Boy George, June 1999

” …. We recommend this book as an introduction to the whole idea of taking responsibility for building your own future. It also serves as a useful first aid kit if you have already started building but seem to have mislaid the plans.”
 Success Now, Issue 13 1999  

“I have been ill for nearly seven years with ME, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Menieres Disease and  severe arthritis in the neck. Unfortunately all difficult to treat. I am housebound at times but try to remain positive although I very often feel guilty about my children missing out on life because of me. I also find other people’s attitudes towards these illnesses very difficult to cope with. Your book has helped me to cope with these problems by looking at them in a different way. Your ideas have assisted me in trying to remain positive no matter what…”
Christine G, August 1999  


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